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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Gov Huckabee did well in the primary.I run into Ron Paul supporters(they're tenacious)and wonder if they had gotten behind Huckabee if he could have closed it up in Mo.That would have been a gr8 state for Mike!

That said,he didn't get it in Mo.It ended up:
33% McCain
32% Huckabee
Romney can run till the cows come home-he's got the $.Huckabee does not,but he does have a grass roots going for him.

He's got to stay in the race!
Am i the only one who noticed? He's the story of the day.They think Obama is.
They think McCain is.
It's Huckabee.
Remember when the media crowned Rudy and Hilary?Mike was not even IN the race.
If he was his numbers were so small he wasn't on the radar.
Listen to the pundits.They wrote him off several times.
I wouldn't write him off again but they will because they are crowning the winners again.
The Rep candidate has to have 1,100 delegates.McCain doesn't have them yet.
Huckabee had no name recongnition(till now)whatsoever.McCain and Romney BOTH went into this race with name recognition.McCain certainly did and Romney had some.Huckabee-NONE.
A qualifer though;if McCain ends up having to be the candidate then i'll vote for him.I'd stll rather vote for Huckabee no matter what.BUT we can't let Hillary OR Obama win.
That's the bottom line.
Huckabee is the best choice though and McCain would be a good VP for him.

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