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Saturday, January 26, 2008

WHY Mike?

It took awhile to decide who i'd consider voting for.We have no incumbent Pres this time around so the playing field was wide open. Had no idea who'd jump in-except for Hillary.That was kind of a given. Rudy was another one that was bandied about and he did jump in.

Once everyone threw their hats in the ring who to pick? I looked at ALL the candidates(and i do mean all;Dems included). Scrathing head. Rumors flew about Thompson would enter and he'd be a done deal on the Rep side.Just like Rudy was going to be.Conventional wisdom went out the window from day one.

Still who to pick? Months later still scratching head.

The most important quality for a Pres? Brains,looks,money,background???

How about character?
Whatever else happens you have to have that.Along comes Mike Huckabee.He's consistently pro life.OK.So abortion is not the key issue for you;I am certain that you want someone who is consistent and honest.Right up front(even if you disagree).There are politicans who will say what it takes to get elected.

His motto is faith(doesn't care which one),freedom,family.

Those are the three important values even for ppl who don't have faith.

Now ppl think the President controls the economy.To be sure he has a hand in fiscal policy but think about it.Does he REALLY control the economy?When things are going well the President gets credit.When things aren't going so well he gets blamed.

The reality is that the President doesn't control the economy ONLY to a limited degree.
We just think he does and we count on him to do it.
There's only so much he can do.
Anyway,Mike has been consistent.He's always been pro life.He's always supported a fair tax.Now even if you don't agree with the fair tax-maybe you'd consider the flat tax instead-but whatever you do agree with the bottom line is that the tax system needs changed.

He's always had the same views on immagration at least as it related to his own state of Arkansas.And that's another reason I back Mike.He was elected gov of Ark twice and turned the state around in several areas. This was a Dem state that was Clinton territory and he got re-elected.PPL don't re-elect govenors who are not doing their job.They had to be happy with him.

Gov Huckabee is also a kind of us person and it's been ages since we had someone in the White House like that.
Romney comes from business background.McCain has been in Washington for some time.
Although i would never consider McCain an 'insider'.He's always rattled the chains up there-independent.(Sometimes overboard i think).
Guilliani handled 911 very well and he can crow on that one,but imho that's not enough.I like the man personally(as i do ALL the candidates)as much as i can say i know them personally.As much as anyone at least and i do keep informed...but that doesn't necessarily mean i want them to be President.

Mike has one problem.Funds.Money wins elections unfortunately.Romney has money to burn and could keep campaigning even if he were losing.
Not so the case with Mike.He's been doing well on a limited budget.Either there must be a great deal of grass roots support or his campaign is going to have to get sufficient contributions. It's a shame but that's the way it so i am appealing to ppl to contribute as much as they can OR to drump up ppl to get out and vote for him.
If you're an independent I assure you Mike is your man.Even if you disagree with anything i've said here and may even be considering another candidate at least give Mike a look and SOME consideration.
I don't expect ppl to agree with me and vote like i do...i just hope that you will find your own reasons to get behind Mike.
I don't want to get negative on any of the candiates but Romney makes me a little uneasy.When he was running for govenor he was admantly pro abortion.Now he's hand a change of heart and claims to be pro life.I would like to think he's sincere,but i have some questions about ppl who change their positions that radically in an election cycle. Maybe i'm wrong for saying that but the question is in the back of my mind.Is this a man who will say what it takes to get elected?
Also he's got money and can keep campaigning.He does have some good points.Don't get me wrong and he has a good message.
On the other hand he seems too polished,scripted at times and slick.He is nice looking and has that Presidential look and that comes across;but that's not a quality.That's subjectively looking at the man. I really do hope he's sincere.I do know that Huckabee has been consistent over time and I don't have to worry he's going to change his positions every time the wind blows another direction.

The American ppl can be fickle.One second the issue is the war,the next it's immigration and we turn around again and it's the economy. We never know what will come up next.Once elected it may be NONE of the above.
So i would prefer someone who is consistent and doesn't need a poll to know what to do.
Look,they're all good ppl and all have good qualities even when we disagree with their positions.
I don't want to be TOO negative.
Campaigning is a tough business and you have to give all the candidates credit for going through this to serve their country.
Every little thing about them is put up to scrutiny.They're questioned,sometimes attacked.The media can be real tough too.I don't think i could last a day.

However,I think Gov Huckabee is an excellent choice for President and I hope you will give him consideration.If you do and you like most of what he stands for(doesn't have to be ALL)-pls vote for his nomination!

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