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Friday, February 8, 2008


The presumption is that McCain IS the Rep nominee.The other presumption is that Gov Huckabee can't win.Didn't we hear this when he at the bottom of the heap?Didn't we hear this when he entered the primary?
The media crowned Rudy and Hillary before the race had even begun.Before one single primary had opened.
They were the top dogs according to the media.
Rudy didn't get anywhere.THEN it was going to be Thompson.But it wasn't going to be Gov Huckabee.
Catholicmom is right.Now that Romney has bowed out(gracefully btw)Mike should court this constinuency.Even reach out to the Ron Paul supporters.Afterall, Mike and RP agreed on some key issues.

There's no reason Mike can't pull this off(hopefully the Huckabee supporters will keep donating and stand behind him)-but if they buy into the media's crowning McCain when he doesn't have it all sewed it might be over.But if Mike hangs in there and we hang in with him...there's no reason to PRESUME McCain is the winner.


NY Catholic Mom said...

Beautiful website, TotusTuus! I love Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Czestochowa.

It's so good to find a fellow Catholic who feels exactly the same about things!

We can't get down; we've got a big fight ahead of us. God has his hand over Mike Huckabee, I'm convinced.

Let's keep getting the message out!

totustuus said...

i know i've found a great friend here and yes we are on the same page.
BTW.i wrote to the NRLC and recommended they endorse Gov Huckabee.They previously endorsed Thompson but he dropped out.This might help give Mike a boost too.
Here's the site.You can contact them by phone or email:

I used email.
If you ever want to chat live you are more than welcome to stop by our board:

NY Catholic Mom said...

We called them, too. I wonder why they haven't endorsed a new candidate yet.

I'll be glad to chat on your board sometime soon. Thanks for the invitation.

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