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With Peter & Under Peter

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I am afraid now that our country is so far gone it is not going to make it back.Liberalism,hedonism and relativism have so overtaken even our culture i don't think we can recover. I'm not sure why people-even people claiming to be Catholic-voted for Barack Obama. He is on the side of all that is wrong with America today. I know that a lot of people are fighting back and it's worth fighting for-but i often wonder that God did not PERMIT Obama's election to give the people what they wanted and to see the consequences of what they chose. Maybe it's the only way we would learn. There may be no coming back and we brought it on ourselves. Too many of us remained silent,complacent and thought good would win the day if we just went about our business. The liberals who voted Obama wanted immorality shoved down our throats. They think there will be no consequences for them. They are dead wrong. Our beloved America may be gone for good.

Archbishop Sheen warned:

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