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Saturday, August 3, 2013

America has a business that is thriving

is it automobiles? Manufactured goods? Construction? We know the government under the current admin is eating up more of the U.S. GDP than at any time in history. Ok. Government(federal employees)is out of control and soon enough the economy may collapse. Detroit did. It went bankrupt. The city that Obama saved.

The business in America that is thriving: "number of hard-core-video rentals rose from 75 million in 1985 to 490 million in 1992. The total climbed to 665 million, an all-time high, in 1996. Last year Americans spent more than $8 billion on hard-core videos, peep shows, live sex acts, adult cable programming, sexual vices, computer porn, and sex magazines--an amount much larger than Hollywood's domestic box office receipts and larger than all the revenues generated by rock and country music recordings. Americans now spend more money at strip clubs than at Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, and nonprofit theaters; at the opera, the ballet, and jazz and classical music performances--combined."

Does this say anything good about us a a country? We don't have a problem with women being treated as objects? We don't have a problem with permitting young male adults to get a skewed view of women and sexual intimacy?

Keep in mind that all pedophiles use porn. That doesn't mean all who view porn are pedophiles but it does say something when all pedophiles use porn. The porn industry tries to get younger viewers.Of course they do. The sooner you can get a kid into it before he knows the damage it does..the sooner they have someone who doesn't think twice about it. Is it easy to give up?

Is it harmful?

What do you think? Do you have a problem with censorship? There's something wrong with a standard of decency?

Beyond porn it has come to the point i can't hardly watch anything on television.Gone are the days when the family gathered around the tv together for good family shows. Trash is mainstream. Sorry. It's not culture. Culture and vice are 2 different things. If you oppose censorship do you think self regulation will work? Where you can keep yourself away from smut and trash?

An 8 billion dollar business? Someone is buying it.

A lot of us grew up with strict obscenity laws. Nobody cried that our rights were trampled. We just expected better.

If you rob someone else of their dignity it says a lot about you.When you do that you also rob yourself. It says a lot about the country we live in. Do we want young adults to grow up thinking it's all as base as that and women are meant to be used? Do you really think a man who would think of women this way is going to have any respect for the woman he would marry? Or does he take it with him? Would you really want to be that person?

Would you want that person who is used to be your mother,daughter or sister? It's not about taking away anyone's freedom.It's about giving them the freedom not to be caught up in something that enslaves them.Tell me that pornography isn't destructive. I think we know better don't we?

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