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Monday, July 29, 2013

These are the crazy times

Yes they are. SOME of the media are spinning the Papal interview on the plane back to Rome. Not to compare religion to politics but these are the same tactics i watched the MSM use during the presidential election. They demonized Romney.Then they made sure these half truths and in some instances LIES actually got out to voters who opposed Obama. Instead of conservatives/ Republicans seeing the garbage for what it was they lapped it up and ACTUALLY helped the Obama campaign demonize Romney for them. Why do the work when you can have other people do it FOR you. It was very effective. We eat up our own and they sit back and watch. Once you put these stories out to low information people or non Catholics who don't know any better they spread like wildfire. I don't know that there's anything we can do to stop it. The best we can do is exercise caution about where we get our information from-unless we hear our Holy Father make an announcement specifically take these news stories with a grain of salt.They have an agenda. I am no liberal Catholic(which basically is a non practicing Catholic)by a long shot. Nor am i what is called a Traditionalist. I'm Catholic.PERIOD. What i fear are people(liberals and trads) within the Church looking for some way to take down Pope Francis along with other liberals outside the Church(from Obama down)who would love nothing more. What i don't fear is Pope Francis. The Catholic Church is under attack. I dread people, who may even have good intentions, helping these liberals out.Schism is a sin against charity. Let me make a distinction though; while i am not what is known as a Trad,that doesn't mean i oppose TRADITION. It's not the same thing. The one hope i have is that by the time this makes it through the news cycle they(meaning MSM)will be out there looking for more garbage on someone else or whipping up spin for Obama's next scandal. That should keep them busy.

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