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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Sunday Rant? Ok,Who Was Duped?

After watching the wonderful and uplifting WYD in Rio via EWTN-this being Sunday itself you wouldn't think it's a good time for a rant. Sorry,but it's been coming all week. For one let's look back at what Reuters reported post election:
Post-election polling shows U.S. Roman Catholics were as likely to favor President Barack Obama as the general population in 2012, continuing the Catholic record as the bellwether of the popular vote. Catholics - the country's largest religious group with one-quarter of the population - have supported the winner of the popular vote in every election since 1972. Reuters/Ipsos exit polling found that 51 percent of Catholics favored President Barack Obama, compared with 48 percent for Republican contender Mitt Romney. A report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life had a similar finding, with 50 percent of Catholics for Obama and 48 percent for Romney, the same as the popular vote in the general population. Hispanic Catholics were far more likely to favor Obama - by 76 percent to 23 percent - than white Catholics, who favored Romney by 56 percent to 43 percent, according to the Reuters poll. "Sometimes the majority of the electorate agree with the church, sometimes not," Walsh said. Conservative Catholic writer George Weigel said that there is no such thing as the "Catholic vote." He wrote in an e-mail that church-going Catholics went for Romney, while Catholics who do not go to church or go infrequently went with Obama. Jews favored Obama by 69 percent to 30 percent, according to the Pew poll
So we have to conclude a few things. The Catholic vote carries a lot of weight. 2. we have to be cautious about the word Catholic because some are NON practicing Catholics who still manage to identify themselves AS Catholic. Note what Sister Walsh said, "sometimes they agree with the church,sometimes not." By definition sounds like a non Catholic. So we are powerful force in the nation but some of us are either poorly catechized or decided to call ourselves Catholic when we're not in reality.Ok,we're ALL Catholic by baptism and the Church is there for the lost. However, it looks like it's time-as my mother always said-to pee or get off the pot. I can't speak for the Jewish population. Not my place. I did find it disconcerting with Obama's treatment of Israel and his failure in the Middle East-ESPECIALLY his support of the Muslim Brotherhood(to name a few)that the Jewish pop voted for him. Not my business-concerned with Catholics-but i wondered what they based their decision on? Catholic? Stop in. We need members and would love to discuss Church teaching with you.Non Catholics also welcome. No problem. Join here-> That said,let's look at the guy we elected. He's let the economy go down the tubes and has decided that speeches are the answer. He claimed he saved Detroit-Detroit is bankrupt. Kind of speaks to the whole administration. BANKRUPT. He finally admits there are problems at the IRS after some time of course-then says it's unacceptable. Now it's phoney. Someone who ignored the Constitution used the Constitution to plead the 5th when supposedly this person had done nothing wrong. Then we get the DOJ with Fast and Furious-we lose Brian Terry-and no one is held accountable. Our state run media has managed to do a good job of building the guy(Obama)up. Nothing to see here. Then they jump into the Zimmmerman case but totally look the other way with the New Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polls.ILLEGAL as all get out. The IRS? Again,the DOJ looks the other way. Same gender bathrooms.The DOJ is right there.Yep,this is what the DOJ wants to defend: Why is Holder still the Attorney General? What about the Repbulicans? They can't stand up to these people? Oops. I almost forgot. The DOJ investigated itself and lo and behold found it had done nothing wrong. Let's take a look at Obama himself. Where do we begin? His WH spokesperson says MAO-a murdering communist thug-is her favorite philosopher. Ok,she's gone.What about Obama singing the praises of the other murdering communist thug HO CHI MINH making some claim that he looked to our founder Thomas Jefferson. BALONEY. They didn't fall for it in the 1940's. Van Jones-Green Czar-self admitted communist. BTW. In case you think all this is bunk what about the fact the Communist Party of the USA backed Obama. Then Benghazi. Phoney Scandal caused by some crappy video nobody saw. FT Hood. Nope. Not a terrorist attack. The Boston Bombing. The NSA has been collecting data but we have this attack on our own soil? Two so far. Ft Hood counts as a terrorist attack.Really Obama? Work place violence? Will take a look at the incident in the near future and see if it was work place violence or an terrorist act. So he got Bin Laden. IF we're still being attacked on American soil what difference does that make?Foreign policy is in shambles,we've been attacked aboard and at home PLUS our economy is in the tank people. Let's admit it. So what does he do? Goes on the road to give 12 speeches. 1. if speeches could turn the economy around we'd be taking off like a rocket in the first month of his first time 2. let's face up; The 12 speeches are meant to be a DISTRACTION from the phoney scandals and to blame someone else for the crappy economy.Not Obama. It couldn't have anything to do with him ignoring it totally in his first term could it? Yet, he spent every second of every day pushing the train wreck that nobody wanted, Obamacare. All the while the IRS is targeting our own citizens. What on earth possessed anyone to vote for the man? Who stayed home because you let them demonize Romney? How could you low informed voters do this to the country? How could Catholics vote for a virulently anti Catholic Potus? Could someone give me some hope for the future and tell me you have realized what a big mistake you made? One more thing. Almost left this out. Obama was giving aide to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In fact he was going to give them F-16 fighters. Now that the Egyptian people rose up,ousted the MB with the support of the military,decided to get them out of their country once and for all and we're questioning whether to give Egypt aide or not? STUPID.
Next time you're struggling to make ends meet remember that.

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