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Friday, January 14, 2011


People probably get the impression that my favorite topic is politics. Afterall, a number of the posts here involve political issues. It's true up to a point but only up to a point.What influences my political view is my Catholic faith.Period.End of story.If i'm going to vote for a candidate they must be pro life. I don't mean the double speak politicians who claim to be Catholic. I also don't mean people who give it lip service just to get elected. People who are honestly and consistently pro life.

I watch Beck every day at 5:00.Can't miss him.He's Mormon(was Catholic). Voted for George W Bush,an evangelical.Voted for Huckabee after McCain won the nomination as he was still on our ballot.Gov Huckabee is Baptist.When i need direction in life who do i listen to? Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict the XVI.The teaching authority of the Church. When i walk into the voting booth am Catholic. It's never,"well,i don't personally support abortion but it's ok if someone else does this." It's intrinsically evil as the Church teaches.
We are Catholic at all times. It's not a faith of convenience nor is it a democracy.
We must even be prepared to give our lives to be witnesses to our faith.
We don't split ourselves into what we do politically and where we worship on Sundays. It's called integrity.So i can talk politics all day long but the passion of my life is the faith.

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