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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haven't Decided

I still consider Gov Huckabee one of my top choices for a presidential candidate but there are so many good choices right now am going to wait and see.
By the middle of 2011 when i've finally decided will really get behind someone and make sure they get a donation.I know Gov Huckabee would have stood a better chance of winning if he would have had more funds the last time around.I do want to wait to decide.
Newt Gingrich,Rick Santorumm,Sarah Palin,Chris Christie and even Jeb Bush are other good choices. I would not support Romney because of his record as Gov in Massachusetts and his inconsistent record on the pro life issue.
All I do know is Obama better not win again. You would think the American people would not get fooled twice. We shall see.
It's too early to think about this but most of these folks will start a campaign in earnest next yesr.We'll watch the debates,see how they're doing.What stands they take,how they take them and their potential to beat Obama.

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