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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why LIberalism Is Dead

We wouldn't know it but liberalism is dead.
We know the media is liberal.We know much of our education system is liberal.
We know that the culture is liberal.So how can i say liberalism is dead?
It's devoid of real ideas,honest discussion and truth.
The problem is that they(liberal elites)run things.The bigger problem is that we don't realize(yet)that there are more of us than there are of them and when we begin to demand and expect integrity and honesty we will get it.We have let liberalism control the debate and the language of the debate. They win because they think they win,but they have actually lost.
The game plan to tip the scales;
1.they skew the news. When the news isn't honest call them on it.
2.Demand good tv programs. Let's not feed ourselves on junk anymore.
Set high standards.Demand this. They've put the bar down to the lowest common denominator. Sleaze rules. There were good wholesome shows at one time. We get what we ask for.Why do we settle for trash?
3. Check the facts before electing people to office then hold their feet to the fire.
LET'S DEMAND TERM LIMITS! This is long overdue.Let's not talk about it this time.Let's insist on a commitment.
Liberalism is dead but the people who defend it just don't know it.
I'll stop back tomorrow and we'll look at liberalism and examine OBJECTIVELY why it doesn't hold water.
That's why it's dead.

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