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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liberalism IS Dead shows the origin of the word liberal:
1325–75; ME < L līberālis of freedom, befitting the free, equiv. to līber free + -ālis -al1 shows the origin of the word liberty: Origin: 1325–75; ME liberte < MF < L lībertās, equiv. to līber free + -tās -ty2 Liberty is associated with freedom.However,let's be clear what freedom is.We have a mistaken notion of freedom in our culture.They are mistaking freedom for license and tolerance for permissiveness. To appreciate both freedom and tolerance we must understand what they mean.Freedom means the right to do the moral good or ought.We are never free to commit a morally evil act.Can we? Sure. Plenty of people do. You want examples of the most atrocious acts in history;Hitler,Stalin,Mao,The Khmer Rouge.They were not free to commit the atrocities they did but they were certainly capable of doing so. Tolerance is tolerance of the good.We never have to tolerate evil.That's not tolerance;it's permissiveness. Tolerating people of all races,ethnicities and nationalities is a moral good. We respect the dignity of all human persons.Endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights among them life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness we acknowledge the inherent dignity of the human person. Slavery was a gross moral evil;not to be tolerated. Racism is a gross moral evil;not to be tolerated. We have no obligation to tolerate morally evil acts.In fact we have a moral obligation to oppose them. To permit this is permissiveness not tolerance. Now that we have defined liberty and freedom we can examine why liberalism as defined (incorrectly)in our culture is dead. We'll begin with a current event.The debate over the Mosque at ground zero in NYC.I'm not going to come down on either side of this. Let's examine the liberal media's reaction to the debate. Did they have an epiphany re freedom of religion? Aren't these the same people who always began any discussion of God in the public square with the words separation of church and state? I'm not coming down on either side of the Mosque debate.At least not here because it's not the point.This is the beginning of the case of why liberalism is dead. To be continued...part II in the morning.

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