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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Would you like to volunteer?

What Gov Huckabee could really use(besides our rosaries and prayers)is ppl to work the phone banks.They've made a huge difference in the campaign.The phone banks are posted at Gov Huckabee's official website.
Will provide link.However,if you're not the kind of person who likes to do phone banks(or can't)any help to get this man elected is help indeed.Whatever we can do.It's especially important to pray-but it's also important to do our best to get the word out!

I am so angry at the media.Nobody is asking Hillary why she is not giving up.They seem intent on putting the proposition to the Govenor. It's the first question they ask.McCain is the presumptive nominee.Well,presumptive doesn't get it.

They keep pressing the point home and trying to smear Gov Huckabee to make it look like he has ulterior motives to stay in the race.For instance, Fox made it appear as if he's staying in for the fun of it.Some kind of head trip according to their pundits.

Mike is in this race to win.Period. All this talk is just their swelled head opining.
Here's the official website.He will have a list of phone banks up shortly. It has a script and everything set up.
Here tis:

If you really don't want to or can't.Don't worry.We're all doing all we can to help out.
The worst thing we can do is just sit back and let these ppl dictate who our presumed winner is.
Gov Huckabee must be having some affect because he is at least,as THEY put it,annoying the McCain campaign.They won't say outright but if that's the case then they know he's a viable candidate.
Hang in there Huckabeez.
This is a good man and we've made the right choice.
Blogs,phone calls,contacts,websites,donations but above all!
Will you pray a rosary for Mike?

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