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Friday, February 15, 2008


I had 5.00 left to my name today and decided it was worth donating to Gov Huckabee's campaign.It'd be nice if running were free,but it's not.When you can't be everywhere at one time then you have to rely on quality tv ads.They're expensive.And that's just one part of a campaign.

Well,I want to challenge everyone to match the 5.00-if you can.If not,even a 1.00 is a big help.Your "little" dollar,added to other "little" dollars,gives the campaign a boost.

I wonder that ppl won't think this;Gov Huckabee has a chance to win but it's not a 'slam dunk' so my donation would be a waste.The problem with that is if we don't donate,or don't contribute time or make some effort the campaign is a waste of time.
This is a self fullfilling prophecy.So donate,as much as you're able(even 1.00)and hope for the best.Just think to yourself that you did what you could even if he doesn't make it.
There ya go.
No reason not to.
Let's put it this way.If i can afford to anyone can.
If we throw in the towel it's already over.
I'm a little over half way to the 100.00 goal now and donations are consistently streaming into his campaign.Gr8 job folks! What has made Gov Huckabee's campaign so special is the folks out here who have all made a contribution of one kind of another. We know what a good man we're backing.

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