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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Mike Is Still Running

No it's not to feed his ego.NO,it's not to enjoy himself or for entertainment(like Karl Rove suggested-what an assinine comment).Yes he is enjoying himself but he is running because of his stead fast convictions.Mike is not a quitter.This is the kind of man who deserves to be President and by far the MOST qualified in the whole field either Dem or Rep.
It's a shame if our country misses this opportunity.

ebruary 20, 2008 - 02:02 PM
My Convictions
by Mike Huckabee
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My candidacy is, and always has been, about convictions – and the issues and core values that are critical to our country’s future, such protecting traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, individual empowerment and a revamping of our federal tax code to encourage productivity. It’s about lifting Americans up, from hope to higher ground, with a positive vision for America’s future that is grounded in a belief in our nation’s basic goodness, and defined by a ‘can—do’ spirit that knows how to gets things done. My goal is to offer Republican voters, a voice and a choice in this election.

The last four out of five U.S. Presidents have been governors, and there is a reason for this: the challenges facing our nation require steady, experienced, executive management. As governor of Arkansas for 10 ½ years, I delivered on my promises to cut taxes 94 times, reduce welfare by half, reform health care for children and our education system, and transform our transportation infrastructure. My record of results, achieved with a Democrat legislature, gives a meaningful viability to my candidacy.

There are millions of Republicans from across this country who have yet to be heard from. Clearly we were disappointed by the results in Wisconsin, but I look forward to campaigning hard in Texas and Ohio this week – and taking my case before the good people of those states.

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