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Friday, February 22, 2008


There are as of this writing 20,000 Rangers. Therea are many more dedicated supporters who are not signed up with the Rangers.That's fine. We're all behind the Huckabee campaign.

Tomorrow is Friday - payday for many of us.

If each Ranger were to donate just $12.50 on friday that would be a quarter million dollars!

If 20,000 can spare the twelve dollars and fifty cents each payday to support the campaign at this critical time the Huckabee campaing will be on its way to its goal.

For those of you who simply can't afford it or have already donated greatly and don't have anything to spare-1.00 would do.If 12 ppl donated 1.00 that would add up to the 12.50.Believe me,every dime counts!!

The biggest hurdle Mike has has to overcome is simply coverage.Some media outlets(ie Fox who is usually fair and balanced to their credit)have all but blacked out Huckabee.For some reason Fox has gone the way of the liberal outlets who pick a candidate and run with it.The other problem is also name recognition.We can certainly get Mike's name and message out there but McCain(for the moment)does have the upper hand in that and now with this NY Times bruhaha his media coverage has actually taken an uptick.Negative coverage is coverage.
We know if we could get Mike's message,plans and character out to the public his chances would defintely increase.
The campaign itself is a remarkable story but the media is too focused on who they want to see get the nomination-not the more REMARKABLE story re Gov Huckabee.
So please pass the word around about Mike.Donate if you can.
Campaigns are not free and take an extraordinary amount of money.The Huckabee supporters have given and given and given.We truly believe we have the deserving candidate on the Rep ticket this year and we'll continue to give and work.Just as Mike has-but we also need to get the word out and get the campaign donations going!!
Oh that campaigns were free,but they're not.
Consider a 12.50 donation.A 1.00 donation.Whatever you can afford.It is greatly appreicated.
The media has given ppl the impression the race is over on the Rep side.While they don't say the same of the Dem race. It's not-this is still a 2 man race and Mike knows we can take this to a brokered convention.
It is DO ABLE folks!!!!!!

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