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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Biography of Mike Huckabee

Birthdate: August 24, 1955 (Hope, Ark.)

Hometown: Hope, Ark.

Spouse: Janet Huckabee

Children: John Mark Huckabee, David Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee

Religion: Baptist

* Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.A., 1980
* Ouachita Baptist University, B.A., 1975
* Hope High School


Businesses Owned, Past Careers, Board Memberships, Etc.:

* President, Cambridge Communications, 1992-1996
* President, KBSC-TV, 1987-1992
* President, ACTS-TV, 1983-1986
* Baptist Minister, 1980-1992
* Advertising Director, Focus, 1976-1980
* Former Chairman, Southern Governors' Association
* Former Chairman, Southern Regional Education Board
* Former Chairman, Southern Growth Policies Board
* Former Chairman, Southern Technology Council
* Former Chairman, Southern International Trade Council
* Former Chairman, Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission

Public Service / Elected Offices:

* Arkansas Governor, 1996-2007
* Arkansas Lt. Governor, 1993-1996


* Character Is The Issue by Mike Huckabee and John Perry
* Kids Who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of Violence by Mike Huckabee and George Grant
* Living Beyond Your Lifetime by Mike Huckabee
* Quit Digging Your Grave With A Knife And Fork by Mike Huckabee
* From Hope to Higher Ground: 12 STOPS to Restoring America's Greatness by Mike Huckabee

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