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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


While the pundits have crowned McCain the winner and all but proclaimed the race over let's look at some facts:

McCain does NOT have the required delegates. Romney endorsed McCain of course.Fact.He then freed up his delegates to make a pledge.He ASKED them to vote for McCain.The media put those delegates in the McCain column.The problem is they're not there yet.
They don't pledge these UNTIL the convention. Conventional wisdom says they will probably go with Mitt's request but the truth is;they don't have to.There's no requirement.The media had no business putting those in the McCain column before the Convention when the actual pledges were made.

The media(as well as the RNC and McCain camp)have all but declared the race over.Not true. There are STILL elections to be held. Why bother to vote if it's over? TRUTH.The turn out for the Republican party has been dismal.Some ppl are holding their noses and voting McCain. Some ppl are just falling in line;voting for McCain.And even some ppl (a few)will probably go Democrat.The problem is that RNC had a candidate that ppl could get enthused about and they patted him on the head and treated him and his supporters like they were some kind of anomolie.

Don't humor me ppl.I take my support of Gov Huckabee very seriously and so do a lot of other ppl.YOu want a candidate with real solutions that garners enthusiasm.It's Huckabee.

FACT.The media has just gotten too big for its britches.

Oddly though there is another fact that just stares us right in the face and we miss it.We have to go to the Democratic race to see it.
Hillary has gotten the big delegates.Obama has captured most of the popular vote.
No one is asking Sen Clinton why she is still in the race.The only one that gets questioned re this IS Gov Huckabee.The criteria they're applying to Gov Huckabee should also be applied to Hillary.It's not.
That's just nonsense.

FACT.What carried the day for Pres.George W. Bush was the massive support from a base of the Republican party known as the evangelicals. Had it not been for them he may not have gotten elected.McCain seems to have a lot of his appeal with Independents,moderates and SOME from what they call Reagen Democrats.I would guess the thinking here is McCain doesn't really need the evangelical vote so they've made much to do about Gov Huckabee's support from this base.I'll tell you what;this is a big slap in the face from the RNC.
You don't use one base to win an election then write it off for the next one because you think you can carry the day with another base.That's just wrong.

Let's take a look at this charge that Huckabee can only carry the evangelical base and has no appeal outside of it.
They're dead wrong on that one.He can DO both.
However,what the media has done is practically blacked out Huckabee and focused on this base that they're not letting ppl hear his message.If they did;they would realize Mike has the ability to reach out to all bases including the evangelical.If i were these folks i would be furious at this cavalier treatment by the RNC.

Mike's not about that though.He's got such a positive campaign all he plans to do is stay on message.It's unfortunate that so few outlets have been fair to him.

A lot of ppl missed out.I feel they were shorted.
You really had to dig to get past the pundits,talking heads and smear on this remarkably decent man.

They made him look stupid and he's amazingly intelligent.They made him look like he was going to be a theocrat when he actually has a remarkable understanding of the Constitution and history.
They made him look like he simply wasn't qualified to BE president when he spent 10 yrs as Gov and some years as Lt Gov actually running a microcosm of our Fed Gov't.
McCain was in the Senate.There's no comparison.
FACT:Huckabee actually has more experience than all of the candidates(Rep and Dem)combined.
He was elected one of the top 5 Gov in the United States and a two term Gov.
The fact gets shuffled to a footnote.
IF McCain loses this election to one of the Democrats I'm sure the RNC will be scratching their heads and running for cover.
Can't happen? Could.
The only consolation we'd have is that the Dem candidate would have just 4 yrs.but that's a long time if you think about it.The only hope we would have is for Gov Huckabee to run in the race that follows.Or all things considered we could just vote Huckabee NOW.I know he could outdebate any candidate,stand on his feet and WIN the general election.We know one FACT for certain;HE'S NOT A QUITTER!
A final thought;i did make the comment that Mike was more Catholic than he realized.
You might ask,how come?
Two key areas;Catholic Social Teaching(the poor etc)and Life issues.
His agenda on social and life issues is as close to in sync with Catholic teaching as you're going to get.I've looked closely and i can honestly say that.
I doubt he knows that;but if you examine this closely i certainly do.
A Catholic voter should be very comfy with voting for Mike.In fact enthused about voting for Mike.He's the candidate we should have had all along and I HOPE we don't miss the chance!! Vote Huckabee.You don't have to plug your nose or march in lockstep.Make the right choice.Let the other ppl presume.


Anonymous said...

You may not like writing, TT, but you can sure pack a good punch when you do!

Great post; I have thought the same thing many times about Huck---that he is very Catholic in his positions.

He is a heck of alot more Catholic than any other Catholic politician around. The Catholic pols are usually the worst of the lot.

Many of our Catholic friends are supporting Mike, but there are still alot of Catholics out there who are suspicious of him.

Do you think that some Catholics are prejudiced against him because he is a blue-collar Protestant type?

I get the distinct feeling that this is the case with some people.

totustuus said...

"Many of our Catholic friends are supporting Mike, but there are still alot of Catholics out there who are suspicious of him.

Do you think that some Catholics are prejudiced against him because he is a blue-collar Protestant type?

I get the distinct feeling that this is the case with some people."
that could very well be but if they got to know his positions,his pov and his take on issues and his record i know many of them would support him.But the media and the RNC have all but blacked out Gov Huckabee.They have gotten a very skewed picture of him.There's been a lot of smear too and reporting on things he supposedly said.
It's a shame.I really feel the electorate got short changed.

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