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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Catholic Vote and the Church

Tonight i heard on the World Over Live that St. Mary's University permitted a Hillary Clinton Rally.After their bishop had told the President to cancel the event.This is part of the sad state of things with the American Catholic Church.

Before i go further i want to state right up front that I'm not a Bush Basher.Never have been.Never will be.I can't say as i'm a very happy camper with the RNC at the moment and we'll get to that;but am not a Bush Basher.Voted for him twice.Would vote a third time if we had that option.Fortunately we have term limits and live in a democracy.

My first question is;why would anyone who is not Catholic want to BE Catholic?Think about that. What most often brings ppl to conversion(as well as the grace of God)are ppl who live their beliefs.Now we know that we're all sinners,called to holiness of course,and we don't always live up from day to day.We struggle against those things keeping us from the holiness we are called to.We have confession.We pick ourselves up and God dusts us off.I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about our the fundamental,core beleif and foundation of our Catholic faith.
What is this foundation? The teaching authority of the Church when speaking in regards to faith and morals is infallible.NO other church makes this claim.
No other church CAN make this claim.This belief-this truth-is foundation to the Catholic faith.

Yet,because some ppl find a teaching in conflict with their opinion,uncomfortable,difficult they reject some teaching.They say they can follow their conscience.That's true,but the first question you ask about conscience is wether it's informed,misinformed,malformed or even dead.We have an OBLIGATION to have an informed conscience and that IS by asking;what does the Church teach?And just because it's difficult,conflicts with opinion,cramps our lifestyle we can't reject it.We,like Christ on the cross,obey.
As a Catholic my faith should inform all of my life,including politics.I don't walk into the booth(or public office for that matter)and drop off my Catholic faith.Suspend it,walk in and vote;then pick it up on the way back out.

You'd be surprised at how many non Catholics throw this kind of thing up at me when I'm defending the Church.I have to explain to them this is the people and not the doctrine and that they ought to judge the Church by the truth the Church teaches.Not by the ppl that reject it.We have to admit this though;it's scandalous.Now these comments refer to the laity.What about bishops and priests? Whole 'nother matter there.They MUST impart genuine teaching. They've taken a vow of obedience.They're in a teaching position and they are representatives of the Church in a special way.

They shouldn't be teaching artificial contraception is ok and definitely should not be teaching that abortion is ok.Either by silence or by direct misrepresenting what we believe as Catholics.

Remember the big to do about Catholic politicians recieving communion who were pro abortion.Unless that person has had a change of heart and is in right relationship again they should not BE given communion.More than that though this shouldn't have had to be settled at the communion rail.If it hadn't been confronted before that someone was neglecting their role as shepherd of the faithful.

The Catholic Church never tells us who to vote for or endorses a particular candidate;but it is VERY clear in her teachings on abortion.

Abortion is intrinsically evil;meaning the act in itself is evil.
A candidates record on abortion should be examined.No one should vote for a candidate who is pro abortion.
When there are two candidates who are pro abortion we choose the one who will do the least damage,but we never take a pro abortion candidate over a pro life candidate.

What about all the other issues? This trumps all.The nature of abortion is such that nothing else comes close.

I find it very disconcerting when i think that Pres. Clinton won two terms and would never have done so without the Catholic vote.The evangelicals knew better.When they said pro life they meant pro life.Look at John Kerry-also gets re-elected and we know very well where he stands.Worse is Massachusetts.A HUGE population of Catholics and yet they re elect Ted Kennedy time and time again.
I often wonder why American Catholics just don't flat out split from the Church,grab the bishops who agree with them and say they no longer need a Pope?
They can always have a hierarchy similar to Eastern Orthodox.
We have become so individualistic as Americans we forget were of the one body of Christ. We let the culture overcome our own Catholic faith.We fit in and we no longer have the intellect or will to examine the teachings of the Church.Anotherwords,why does the Church teach this and submit as Catholics.

Perhaps if ppl would examine why they would discover the beauty in truth.
Perhaps the moral line would not be moved.I know we can see the moral failure in our culture.You'd have to be blind not to see it.Yet,we accept abortion and can't make the connection between this moral evil and the moral disintegration surrounding us.
Perhaps if the bishops(and priests)stood up,spoke up and made the teachings clear even at the risk of losing a parishoner or two the rest of us wouldn't be out here floundering.

Anyone notice the Orthodox Catholic teaching on EWTN? Anyone notice the tremendous support from Catholics?Anyone notice how many ppl tune into EWTN?
There is a reason. Is EWTN afraid of offending ppl? NOPE. Are they affected by the culture of the day? NOPE. Do they water down the teachings of the Church?NOPE.
Even non Catholics tune in.This should tell us something.

When you go to vote in this election;you may want to think pocket book first but before you do that examine where a candidate is on the life issues.Recall the rich young man wanting to follow Jesus.He was ok with it until Jesus said;give up your riches.The next blog post is going to be about those pocket book issues(economy)and abortion.
I am totally behind Gov Huckabee.He's more Catholic than he realizes.
He's been giving terrible treatment by the RNC.I'm going to bring that up too.
The media has shorted him.The Republican party crowned McCain and we were all supposed to jump on board.They keep saying the Gov can't win.
That's just nonsense.
Mike deserves more than their condescending pat on the head.
Beleive me,we're going to 'go there.'

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