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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Byzantine Catholic Church

I gathered as much info as i could re the Byzantine Catholic Church.I should have written some of the liturgical terms down from the EWTN special,Cathedrals Across America.Didn't. Will have to speak with someone who attends the liturgy(KaisersWest or Byzantium Brew)to get the correct terms. Here's what i can share so far:
3 candles represent the Trinity
2 the natures of Christ
Behind the wall of icons is the sanctuary
The priests wear the Cross
When the celebrant blesses each corner he is blessing the 4 corners of the earth
As you watch the liturgy keep in mind they are not random acts. They all have a meaning.
The first part of the liturgy is the Liturgy of the Word.We are fed the Word of God.
The 2nd part of the liturgy-as Catholics believe-is the source and summit of our faith,the Eucharist .Here we receive Jesus Himself.
In the celebration of the Latin rite(what some call Roman)you will notice at the end of the liturgy 2 things remain and are taken from the altar.The book and the chalice. To me this represents the 2 essentials parts of liturgy,the liturgy of the Word and the liturgy of the Eucharist.
I also found some great you tube videos about the Byzantine rite and the beginnings of the Church in general.
More on the Liturgy:I did not link the urls because blogger keeps seeing broken tags when they're not. If the link doesn't show just copy/paste address into your address bar.I did this over several times and kept getting broken tag. St Nicholas of Myra Orlando,Fla

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