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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jan 21-Jan 22 Watch EWTN Pro Life Coverage

EWTN will be the ONLY network with coverage of the Pro Life March in Washington DC and the East Coast March for Life.Coverage begins with opening Mass on Jan 21st.I'll post times this weekend.As the date gets closer I will post a reminder with more info. They will have many good resources and info as well during their pro life coverage.They follow the Marches from beginning to end.Great speakers and the crowd gets bigger every year.You would never know it from the other media coverage-which basically ignores it. Now for a twitter feed I followed with some comments I'd like to add. I took a screen shot of the exhange.
The charge of not caring for the elderly,sick and disabled is nonsense.
I would like to mention something that doesn't usually get mentioned in these arguments. We have become accustomed to letting the government take care of the elderly,sick and disabled.In fact i think it is almost fair to say that we've come to expect it. Here's a thought for the person who launched the attack.The solution is not always political.If you have a family member in need of help;volunteer YOUR time. If there is a neighbor in dire need-help your neighbor. If there's a sick member in your own family give them a hand.I'm also sure there may be some nursing homes in your area where people would be tickled pink just to have a visitor.Go visit.
In our town we have a local group that cares for unwed mothers and their babies.They take local donations. They provide emotional support as well as diapers,food,clothing...even training and counseling. Our Catholic Church has Eucharistic ministers that visit the hospital and nursing homes. They take communion but they also spend time visiting.Sometimes they take cookies and baked goods.It makes a persons day.
I'm not saying there is no role for government.Of course there is. There is an old saying though;Charity begins at home.There is much truth to that.
I would also like to point out the Republicans are not ready to toss grama over a cliff or neglect the poor. Some of the poor in our country have no idea what poor really is.We're very blessed here.We have all kinds of safety nets.You want to see poor look at other countries.My husband and I are Republican.We vote Republican. According to the standards of our government we're classified as poor. I don't think anyone in the Republican party wants to disparage the poor.I think we need to have an honest and fair discussion about ways to help the poor.The attack on Gov Jindhal was unfair and it's getting old. I know the media likes to put out the narrative that Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the poor.Maybe it's time to reject the media talking points?Let's think for ourselves and have a REAL discussion.

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