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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wonderful Christmas Day

My husband's sister-a Cancer survivor-came with some her son and his girlfriend today to have Christmas with us. That alone made my huband's day. His son had Christmas in Virginia.He couldn't come up this year. Shirley and Ryan(his gf seemed very nice)are the only family we have left. I can't tell them how much we appreciated the visit. The dinner was ok. I made a Christmas sausage casserole,penguins with olives and creme cheese,corn,a precooked ham(I didn't care for that)some biscuits,relish tray and cookies. I wish now I had fixed rigatoni instead but that was me.Everyone else seemed to eat well. We opened gifts and Shirley knew I would like the gifts from Body Works.She got my husband clothes that would fit him since his big weight loss.He was thrilled. It was nice to be with family-meant so much. Husband got me a necklace with crucifix.I'll have our aide put it on me tomorrow.Like my scapular I will never take it off.
I cleaned up the kitchen,vacuumed up the living room and lay down. Tired and a headache but husband was so pleased that it all turned out. He's not well. His edema and the drain in his leg is causing him a lot of pain.Husband and I watched Mass on EWTN from the Basilica in Washington DC.One day maybe both of us will be well enough to attend Mass in town.Hope soon. The good news is i receive communion at home.Aunt Dot is the Eucharistic Minister that comes now. It's one of the few times i get to see her.Dad was the one who used to give me communion before he became too ill and eventually passed away. It was special and he always recited the first part of John's Gospel.He could say it by heart.He lived it.
I will share some photos as soon as husband lightens them up in Photoshop.They came out too dark.I will also know about the house this week.I am on day 3 of the St Joseph Novena.
When they left we called Gary's son Greg wished him a Merry Christmas.My brother went to California so i sent him a wish for a Merry Christmas via email. He has a short vacation.Sure he'll enjoy it.I just hope he has a good trip back.The weather can cause delays and cancellations this time of year.
I remember all the times as kids we went to Midnight Mass with mom and dad.We were allowed to go as long as we took an afternoon nap.We sure did!! After the Mass Aunt Mary and Uncle Walter would come by for one of mom's special breakfasts. Those were wonderful times.
I am so blessed to have this family now,especially with the loss of many in our own family. Couldn't ask for better. Shirley makes me laugh like her brother does.She picks on me,but in a way that makes you feel special.She has that gift.

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