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Sunday, December 29, 2013

We are Catholic,right?

I'm going to watch GK Chesterton at 9:00 and say the rosary at 9:30 but i did want to say a few words about Church teaching.God is the author of LIFE.Jesus proclaimed,I am the way,the truth and THE LIFE.
All that God created was good.Evil is taking the good purposes of God and perverting or twisting them. Everything that God teaches through Holy Mother the Church leads to life.Blessed John Paul II called our secular culture the culture of death and rightly so. Every sin leads to death if not in this life then mortal sin(grave sin, that is, sin unto death) un-repented leads to the 2nd death,separated from the author of life.
Same sex relations cannot bring life into the world. Artificial birth control cannot lead to life-it is the willful choice to thwart God's plan especially in marriage. It is no wonder divorce is rampant and Catholic divorces now match the rate of divorce in the secular culture.Divorce and the undermining of the commitment of marriage is a death. Satan likes nothing better than for us to murder our children,destroy marriage and take down the family. He cannot destroy God but he can destroy God's creatures and that is the best attack on God he can do.
Jesus came to bring life and for us to live it more abundantly,not less.If we live the way the Church teaches we go on the path of life. If we are obstinate and continue to promote or participate in the culture of death we will see nothing but death all around us. Yes, each of us will be called home when God calls us.What we will see is death by evil means as long as we take this path.
It's true that not every married couple will be able to have children and some are lost to miscarriage.Same sex relations can NEVER lead to conception.There is the difference.Couples that cannot have children through relations are the exception,not the rule.Same sex couples can never have children and that IS the rule,not the exception.They were not created for union and cannot be married.To be Christan and homosexual means that one must take up their cross and remain celibate.They will find their purpose in God just as a single person who never marries would or the same as priests and religious do.It's not impossible.
The Church teaches what she does for a reason and while it may be a cross for some-as Catholics we pick up our cross when we are called to do so. This brings life into the world. Catholics who think they can do as they please and call it conscience have a dead or malformed conscience. They are going the way of the secular world and we can't do both.It's one or the other.Let's choose LIFE! If we're Catholic,let's BE Catholic.Any Catholic politician willing to sacrifice the beliefs of his faith to get elected is not worth voting for.

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