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Monday, December 2, 2013

the Pope is NOT a Marxist II;the principle of subdsidiarity

Catholic teaching on the principle of subsidiarity: Rerum Novarum of 1891 by Pope Leo XIII,Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quadragesimo Anno of 1931, and Economic Justice for All by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"It is a fundamental principle of social philosophy, fixed and unchangeable, that one should not withdraw from individuals and commit to the community what they can accomplish by their own enterprise and industry. (Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, 79)."

Doesn't sound very Marxist to me. What it sounds like to me is that we don't have the state do what can be done more locally or individually;the key part being we don't rob people of their dignity as human beings.

IMHO it's where Pope Francis was at in his exhortation.

GK Chestertonwas a huge(no pun intended) supporter of Distributism. Distributism could be considered the third rail of economic philosophy. It is based on Catholic Social teaching. A key tenet of distributism is the principle of subsidiarity.Subsidiarity is a political principle of decentralization.Again,not sounding very Marxist.Centralization is a key component of Marxism and as far as I can tell a key component of progressive economic ideology.Yep,calling progressives Marxist.
Let's not get too carried away with pinning it on the Democratic party-we have some in the Republican party too.However,I'm not on either side here. The Pope is not a Democrat,Republican,Tea Party or Progressive.We don't have to agree with Pope Francis re an economic system.Again,his exhortation is not infallible.
However, we do have to agree with Pope Francis and the Catholic Church that we are called to put the teachings of Jesus into practice. We don't build compartments. We are either Catholic and accept her teaching or we're not.
Our faith is part of us.We don't put it into one of those compartments when we enter the public square or when we vote or when we get elected to office.We definitely don't put it into a compartment because we're afraid we may offend someone.
If you're not crazy about the downside of capitalism or the horrid economic/philosophical systems of marxism/socialism(as embraced by the progressives)you could always consider distributism.
Part III will jump into Catholic teaching on subsidiarity and Part IV will take a little peek at distributism.
Seems like Our Holy Father,Pope Francis,is ALWAYS in trouble.Might be a good sign.

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