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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The New Evangelization

Watched the New Evangelization from Fr Robert Barrone(Catholicism Series)on EWTN.It was fantastic. One part i really took away with me was the message of how we sometimes impose our idea of what God is,onto God. It's a fault i have. It would be a good one to strip away.It would take a total abandonment of my own thinking and let God speak to me instead. It seems like I am forever going to God with something.Nothing wrong with that.I know that we are utterly dependent on God for everything.Our own lives in fact.On the other hand i don't seem to spend enough time being grateful or letting God have the last word.
It could be a good time to read.For instance go back and read about the messages of Fatima.Our Lady's warnings will wake you up. The Revelations to Saint(Sister)Faustina are a good reminder of how much Jesus loves each and everyone of us-but also a reminder of His Final Coming.
It's not the old sins that get me now.It's the new ones.Back before i returned to the Catholic Church i had no idea what sin was.At least i've gotten this far with the grace of God.It's Him,not me.I'm too much of a baby to overcome a lot of these terrible habits and shortcomings. I can't blame anyone for the big fall.We were raised in a devoutly Catholic home with terrific parents.I slid out and eventually ended up with a dead conscience.It can happen and it's deadly real.The good news is we have the Sacrament of Confession.Just go.IF you've left the Church,come back.
It's easy enough to look around and see how downhill our secular culture has gone and the battle lines being drawn.You can certainly pick out the grave and deadly sins.It's the ones I don't pay enough attention to that creep into life & don't always recognize for what they are. That's my failure. A good examination of conscience and Confession is the antidote.Spiritual reading-taking the time out to do it-helps.
I get upset with myself too for not being disciplined enough to write a blog entry on a regular basis-now that i've committed to keeping them.Laziness.Almost like spiritual laziness.Sometimes though there are things that need attention in life and they come before spending any time here.
We are now waiting to hear if we are going to be able to buy a home.We're waiting to hear from the realtor about an agreement he's working on.It may or may not pan out. I've got my hopes up,but also willing to accept whatever comes of it. It would be a disappointment if we hit a glitch;but it's one of those cases where if it's meant to be it will be.If not,there must be a reason.
It's Sunday. I won't be back today. Perhaps after midnight as we go into Monday.Monday and Tues we will be preparing food and of course Wed. is Christmas.The last i will be back here then will be after Midnight Sun night[ if I'm up then.]
Exactly.Thank you Father.

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