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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Even Catholics have gremlins

I have no idea what it was this week but some of the appliances in our home seem to have decided it was time to go on the fritz. Gremlins. The dishwasher started leaking. The dryer started to get a loud [and i do mean loud] clunk to it. One of our gremlins was my own goof up.I was receiving a fax the other day from the doctor's office. We use one phone line because we don't do enough faxing to use 2 separate numbers. I had a very important phone call coming in at 8:00 p.m. I sat right by the phone just so I could grab it on time.Nobody called.It wasn't until nearly 10:00 pm that I realized the phone line was dead. Since we usually SEND out rather than receive faxes I didn't think to put the line back in like I do when we're sending. I thought the phone was out when it dawned on me I slipped.
Landlord came up and found a crack in the line. It had leaked underneath more than I thought. Our aide took the back of the dyer off and here was a pencil stuck in the motor. Everything worked out in the end.Landlord got it fixed. Now I'm just holding my breathe on the stove. The refrigerator we originally had in here already caught on fire so we have a new one already. The only thing left now is the stove.
(tapping head..raps on wood).
The day is shot but it does prove the title. Even Catholics have gremlins. The phone call is coming tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. I hope it goes well. It's a very important call. I'm waiting on one other very important call from a bank. IF either one of these calls goes well will be doing the happy dance. If neither goes well,we'll just accept. For now,since it's been a long day at our gremlin infested home,want to say God Bless and Our Blessed Mother comfort you in your trials and difficulties. Even the small ones,but especially the more troubling ones.

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