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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Consequences.of course there are

I wanted to say a few personal words about this meme. (i love memes in case no one figured that out). Am a Catholic revert-although i would say most reverts could also be called cradle Catholics

The most accurate way of explaining is to admit to being a LAPSED Catholic.Someone who had the blessing to be baptized in the Church,brought up in the faith and then rejected it.

The Cross is good news. I know life has gotten hard on me as it does all of us at one point or another.I've lost loved ones through death but some through my own doing

The choices we make in life have consequences. Sin has consequences. It all looks pretty good when you're not answering to anyone and having the time of your life. You can convince yourself of a lot of things and NONE of them are true.

There is nothing worse than a willful blindness. You're convinced you're having a great time? Trust me,you're not seeing the destructive road you're creating behind you.Not yet anyway.It wasn't that I didn't believe in God.Think I did.Truth is i'm not sure I did.I am SURE I wasn't living as if God existed.

Now life has thrown some real curve balls.There are health problems my husband and I both have.Different ones but our lives have changed. There are people I hurt along the way and the wound is too deep for them to forgive.I live with that because as a consequence of sin there is a price to be paid. Do I wish we could patch it up? Always. Does it make my life hard? You bet. I think sometimes it's far worse than the physical problems I have. Do I accept it? With God's grace only. Every day I have to pray for the faith to believe that Jesus death on the cross was not in vain.

It's a very slow awakening and sometimes the desert is dry.

I do know this. Jesus died on the cross to redeem the whole world and at the same time died to redeem EACH and everyone of us.

Sometimes we find it easy to believe He died on the cross to redeem the whole world,but we find it difficult to believe He died for me.That is each and every one of us.

If you've been away from the Church at all,even for a very long time and have really been on the highway to hell(and i mean that literally)stop and go to confession.I don't care if its been 20 yrs. and you've lived a wild and crazy life. It is crazy. When you live apart from God you can be convinced all sorts of things are perfectly fine but I bet there is a voice sometimes that nags at you that something isn't quite right. Sin is dark. Very dark. Come home! The lights are on here.Reflect on the meme for awhile.


Charles(one of my heroes)Krauthammer is right.Everyone has a cross. When we're living the high life and think everything is great,it's not. When we come to our senses and have a cross to bear we have the comfort of knowing Jesus is there. We also know if we were given a chance we would not trade our circumstances for anyone else's and hopefully two things happen.

1. We become grateful and thank God for all we do have 2.We're willing to help,comfort and do what we CAN for others. As Charles said,with some people you see their cross and others you think everything is fine,but they're carrying a cross you don't see. Charles would know. He had what could have been a devastating accident that left him paralyzed but he had his life and its been extraordinary. He carries his cross and goes on. Sin is not a cross. It's a weight. Again,go to confession and let it go. Begin as a totally FREE person.You can't always undo the past you created but you live with hope.

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