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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our Blessed Mother of the Holy Eucharist

I may not get a chance to come back to the blog until Monday.Either way I would like to dedicate my whole weekend in honor of Our Blessed Mother of the Eucharist.Everyone have a good weekend.Will try to be back tonight or on Sunday. Recommended:>CUFCHAPTER.BLOGSPOT.COM
PRAYER TO OUR LADY OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST (SAY THIS PRAYER FOR NINE DAYS CONSECUTIVELY AND BY THE 9th DAY YOU CAN BE SURE THIS PRAYER WILL NOT HAVE BEEN MADE IN VAIN.) O Heavenly Mother, Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist, through thy most powerful intervention and since thou art the Mother of Our Saviour, we lay our petitions and necessities in thy hands, for through thee, all these favours will be granted. I humbly beseech thee, O Heavenly Queen, to cast out all doubt, anxieties and all other mishaps which have brought me to this state, and plead with thee, on bended knees, to hear and answer my prayers. (Mention your request.) I further fervently promise to spread this devotion of thine throughout the world. Amen.
NOTE:this devotion states the prayer will not be made in vain.No prayer is made in vain. A REMINDER:

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