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Monday, September 2, 2013

Good Weekend

we had confession with Father Mark. Plus my husband and i had a good talk.We needed it. Neither one of us are feeling that well-Fr Mark was right.We do have a simple life but we have each other.

He reminded us we do have a lot to be grateful for too. We aren't always thankful for the little things.It's personal but there were several miracles that took place over the weekend. I know they were miracles. There was no way on earth they happened on their own. I wish i could go into detail but it involves another person-it has to remain confidential.

I also realized over the weekend how much God does truly love each and every one of us AS WE ARE. I don't mean we remain in sin.Of course not.God loves all of us-that doesn't translate into i can get away with murder.I mean God loves us unconditionally-as we are-and wants us to grow in holiness in spite of our ourselves. It is everything that is wrong with me that keeps me from getting arrogant. I get too comfortable and God reminds me i'm just a little speck on the planet.It's just that He loves this little speck.

It's not that i didn't accept that truth but it's a milestone to have it become so real.

Husband is resting and it's about time i did. It's been a very long day.Don't forget Pope Francis call for a day of prayer for Peace in Syria

Pope Francis Calls for Day of Prayer for Syria During Pope Francis’ Sunday blessing from the Vatican, the pontiff called for the world to hold a day of fasting and prayer for Syria. “May the cry for peace enter the hearts of everyone,” he said, promising to lead prayers and a five-hour vigil on Saturday from St. Peter’s Square. Pope Francis—who went viral this week for his selfie taken with young pilgrims in St. Peter’s Basilica—extended an invitation to all faiths and non-believers to promote peace in Syria. The pope said that, “There is judgment from God and history on our actions that no one can escape,” referencing the use of chemical weapons. He refrained however from directly accusing Syria of the crime. Tugging at heartstrings, the pope called forth the images of the last week and a half, “My heart is profoundly wounded in these days by what is happening in Syria and I am anxious about the prospect of dramatic developments.”
Source: Pope Francis calls for Day of Prayer

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