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Friday, September 6, 2013

Changed Position on Syria

I supported the strike on Syria for a number of reasons.I will go into the reasons for support in a future entry. I have since changed my position. I cannot support the strike since seeing and reading about the atrocities committed by the rebels.I'm afraid these are not the people we should support-it would not benefit the civilians or the country of Syria. One side is as brutal as the other.Russia has called for the protection of Christian churches in Syria.i CAN support this. The only hope for Syria is prayer.A military strike would accomplish nothing.Were it not for the brutal images i've seen and the reports that have recently surfaced i was 100% behind the Pres decision.Now I realize what a huge mistake it will be. We can hope he will use Congress for cover and call it off soon.I doubt he is going to be able to convince the American people to support him

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