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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Weapon

Sometimes when praying the rosary one gets distracted. It is not a quick prayer. Say it anyway. I watch EWTN and pray so to speak 'with' the nuns of Our Lady of tne Angels monestary.It is a good way to meditate on each of the mysteries. Even then i sometimes get distracted or have a thought or 2 wander. I continue to pray it every day.There are days i get interrupted but it's also on 2x a day.There may be some days i can't help but miss it but as a rule try NOT to. If you can't say the whole rosary one day then pray 3 Hail Mary's.Perhaps get a booklet or print one from online that has some meditation on the mysteries included. They may be short or a whole scriptural passage/verse. There will be people who will call it vain repetition.It's not vain-that is focused on self. If anything it takes our focus from our selves and focuses on the life of Christ. How many times while we pray the rosary do we say the Holy Name of Jesus? While it may be difficult set aside time for the rosary each day or pick one day of the week and devote that day.

Don't let ppl dissuade you that should not love our Blessed Mother.No one could love her more or more perfectly than her Son,Jesus.How could you loving His mother offend Him?!!

Another reminder: as Fr Z always recommends.Go to Confession especially if you have been away from the Church for a long time. Just GO. If you're getting cold feet and ready to chicken out say a prayer for help then go. NOTHING you tell the priest will ever go any further and when you walk back out it's gone.You can start over and have a clear conscience again. I was away from the Church for years and going to confession was the best choice i ever made in my life,bar none!! Ask St Padre Pio to intercede for you that you have the courage to go. He will. He's a good person to have on your side.You couldn't beat my list for a second or do anything worse in your life than i did in mine. Trust me!

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