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Friday, August 30, 2013

Jesus said,take up our cross

Jesus said take up your cross and follow me. He didn't say resign to our cross. Jesus words were TAKE UP the cross and follow me. What He meant was in order TO follow Him we had to reach for and grab the cross God has given us. God hands it to us and we take it.Jesus showed us the way. I know; easier said than done. It is like today.I don't feel well. I am going to lay down after this entry and see if i don't feel better after a rest. I don't think Jesus meant we are not to take care of ourselves and others but i do know He meant not to run from it. There is no way on earth to avoid suffering in the world. Every single one of us-to one degree or another-is going to suffer. We may have a healthy life as a youngster but old age is unavoidable. We all get here and some of us end up fairly healthy and others end up very ill. Still,we will suffer what old age brings with it.

Do i reach out for the illness with open arms today? I have to pray for the grace. Sometimes I want to run.

The ads on tv constantly bombard us with looking better, feeling better,doing better.

The products are designed to take away whatever it is that ails us.Some want us to buy their product to look years younger. Other products are designed to improve our life style. The new car, bed, furniture,clothing. We know that some things are a necessity. We have to have a home to live in and a car for transportation. The question we can ask though is,what IF they were taken away from us? Any one of them or all? Would we suffer willingly? Be detached enough to let it go? It's a matter of priorities.What if someone else needed something i own more than i do-could i give that up for the other person and be happy to do it?

Jesus said,come follow me.Where did Jesus go? To the cross.Or as one priest put it...last he knew Good Friday comes before Easter Sunday. I hope I can keep those words in mind today. Back later.

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