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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear Mr President (An Open Letter To Obama)

Pres Obama, I'll be honest and tell you that I did not vote for you-i voted for the other guy(more on that later). When you were campaigning and i made it known on various social media where my vote was going your supporters 'got in my face' calling me racist. Last I knew this was a 2 party system. Your race had nothing to do with my decision.It must have had something to do with the people who did decide to vote for you because we heard how this would be historic. True of course. Nobody can take that away from you.It's one for the history books. The reasons I could not vote for you did not have race on the list.It goes as follows: you hung out with William Ayers and radicals. Your mentor-by self admission-was Frank Marshall Davis(an avowed communist), you voted present more often than not in your 2 yr Senate stint.

Acorn was campaigning for you and they did not have a stellar rep. Your supporters and campaign were nasty.

PLUS you made the transformation of America the cornerstone of your campaign.I thought that was clever.I knew what you meant by transformation of America-a lot of us did. Other people read into that what they wanted to read. America does not need a transformation. Our founders were not trying out some social experiment.They were not looking for Utopia.

I also could not vote for you because you were pro abortion but tried to cover it up.You were pro gay marriage but tried to hide that too. While at the same time making the claim you would have THE most transparent administration in history. I won't go on but there were plenty of good reasons for me to decide i could not vote for you. Then you won. You became President for a 2nd term.

I was hopeful you would have learned from the first term. What i've concluded now is that you won the Presidency but have no idea how to be President of the United States-you could have rose to the office. You clearly have no idea what it means to be President of the United States.

I don't hate you. I was more than willing to give you a chance in the 2nd term. Even when the Republicans took back control of the House you didn't get it. Let me give you a heads up. It's not about golfing,parties and having celebrities rub elbows with you. It' s not about power and social engineering. It's not about imposing your great ideas on the Congress,the American people or the Supreme Court.

We live in a Republic. We were founded on certain moral principles. The men who founded the country realized there was a power,an authority,higher than themselves. They put it in a document where it states, we are endowed by our Creator(not the state)with certain unalienable rights.

If you don't have a moral compass then you end up being corrupt.

You're a lucky man though Mr President. Nixon was impeached for less than you could ever be. More fortunate for you is that the media not only campaigned for you when the race was on,they covered up for you all along.They will continue to cover up for you.You did try to take down Fox news so we would only have a voluntarily run state media. (Nobody's put a gun to their head or hauled anyone off to prison).They're willing accomplices.

What pains me most is that you could have turned around and become a person worthy of the office you were given. I would have supported you even though i did not vote for you. You did exactly what i thought you would do to our country. We can only hope the damage that's been done can be UNDONE.

I'm afraid sometimes it's almost too late.

I have to say a few words on behalf of Gov Romney. He doesn't know me from a hill of beans but i saw what a good President he might have been. He is a decent person. He's not the mean rich white guy that doesn't care for the poor or middle class that your campaign made him out to be.

He was not the demon your campaign made him out to be. He respects women a great deal and worships the ground his wife walks on.

I hear some people stayed home and didn't vote-Shame on them.I also hear of Catholics who voted for you-or at least LAPSED Catholics. Very shameful.You wanted their vote and then you attacked the Church. i can see through what you're doing. I'll tell you about that sometime although i bet you already know.

I also hear that some people wouldn't vote Romney because he wasn't 'conservative enough'. He would have made a terrific President and probably turned the country around by now.He would not have wasted his breathe blaming the previous President;which would have been you. So i'm afraid that the people who stayed home and the people who actually voted for you will get what they asked for.

I wish i could feel sorry for them but i can't bring myself to do it. I can only HOPE and pray that you will wake up one day before your term is up and actually try to BE President. Realize that the law of our land is the Constitution. Don't just read it-get what that document made possible.

If you want to continue to be nasty and try to dictate what goes on in this country then i will continue to call you out. If you wake up and become the President then I will support you. For now,to me,you're just a man in the office destroying the country. I can't respect that.

Someday we'll know the truth but it won't be from these people.

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