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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comments re Pope Francis

There is a segment of our population that is anti Catholic.Include in this group some non Catholic denominations,liberals and for that matter Catholic dissidents. NO matter what Pope Francis actually meant by his comments doesn't matter. The media spun them the way they wanted to(GLARING headlines)and the anti Catholic population didn't go much further than the headlines. Chances are we are not going to convince any of these people the truth of the matter. NONE of them. Their minds are made up.Faithful Catholics know exactly what the Pope meant. People with one foot out the door of the Church will find some way to step out the door.If not this,then another reason. I think the rest of the Church is just concerned and if we didn't love the faith we wouldn't be. On the other hand i think we have to pull our Holy Father out from under the microscope. It's one thing to examine his teachings-fair game. It's quite another what we've been doing since he was elected. Our Holy Father is orthodox. Our Holy Father did not say anything new that the Church didn't already teach. The Holy Father is showing the world the mercy of God. He's speaking the truth in love and right now we need that.I don't mean the mushy hold hands and march towards utopia kind of love. He means the get your hands dirty,go out into the world and serve the poor and marginalized sacrificial love.Tired. its been a long week.Maybe the media will move along soon.Aren't there some scandals going in Washington?

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