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Sunday, August 18, 2013

6:42 A.M. from The Dizzy Lounge

Room Spin in bed. I decided to get up and sit up for awhile in the hopes it will help.It's worse if you lay down which is the first thing you think of doing. Ironically it's more apt to happen WHILE you are laying down.So when you wake up-there "it" is. I don't plan to go through days of this again especially since i don't have any medications to help.May as well sit up on the computer for a few minutes. I read the news headline from Fox in between posting a couple blog entries. The Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadists in Egypt are attacking Christians.More than usual that is, now that Morsi has been ousted and this is who they blame.Especially the Christian activists but even non political Christians.

It's amazing to me that they can build Mosques in our Christian country and they are protected. It's the case that when they are not attacking Christians they are attacking each other since there are different sects. I go to Pinterest and there it is; pictures and quotes from the religion of peace.

IMHO we should grant the Christians of the Middle East asylum just like we do the Cubans and get all the Christians out of the Middle East.Let the Muslims have their Islamic states.They will never grant freedom of religion to anyone anyway. Then we can tell the Muslims here feel free to practice your faith but pls do so in your Muslim countries. I don't want to take away their right to worship as they see fit-i just don't see any reason to let them do it here.

Sorry.At this point i just don't see any reason to have it any other way. I think it is dangerous to do otherwise. How can you grant to someone who has no respect for freedom of religion,freedom of religion?

I'm going to try to get back to sleep,take my cane with me(which is always beside the bed anyway)and hope for the best. We were going to attend Confession and Mass but my husband went to ER yesterday and had a terrible morning today. We will have to wait and pick a night when neither of us are having problems. I called the rectory and requested anointing of the sick for him.He did seem to be doing a little better tonight. Maybe with a good nights sleep for him [for a change] he will be better on Sunday.He sees his family doctor this month. It's a good thing.

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