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With Peter & Under Peter

Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's that part of the day when you sit down for a moment and ask yourself the question,how can my life be so blessed when i see so much tragedy around me? Job questioned because his life was so full of tragedy that he did not know what he did to deserve it.Or in our terms,why me? Of course God answered in the end(after all his friends failed to come up with anything). It's hard to know why our own life would be so blessed when we see other people in pain we can't even begin to imagine.Then there are those who are in so much pain,they're like Job asking God.Why me? The answer: i don't know.I do know that for the good we are given,be grateful. It's the only way i can figure it out. If you're blessed then pray for others when they need prayer. At least we're capable. I honestly can't think of any other way to look at it. We're people.If it's too hot we wish it were cooler.If it's too cold we're praying for summer to come soon.God can't win no matter what He does for us.Yes,I'm guilty(or i wouldn't be talking about it). On the other hand i get these moments where i know someone is suffering terribly,needs prayers and wonder how it is i can't take one second to say thanks for health,well being,a good day. It's not that i always complain.Sometimes i grumble quietlyaa[another words i'm still complaining just out of ear shot. You could say i appear saintly;but God knows better]It's one thing not to complain.It's another to be grateful no matter what. I'm not always grateful enough or at all.
We may not have the answers now.One day we'll know.

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