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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I grew up with the Traditional Latin Mass. We went to Midnight Mass for Christmas every year. We had to take a nap first or we weren't allowed to go. We took our naps.It was very long but we looked forward to going every Christmas. We had a family breakfast with Aunt Mary and Uncle Walter that mother cooked after Mass. Wonderful memories. I also remember when the Mass began to be said in English. Our parish priest was not pleased so he said all of it in English except one part of his choosing.He was an older man and not prepared for the change. It was in the 1960's when Mass could be said in the vernacular.Another words it didn't change to English.It was said in the native language of where the Mass was offered. English here of course. Nothing else had really changed much and i'm thankful we didn't suffer through some of the abuses i've heard about. I love that i can understand the prayers and words without having to look to a Missal to follow. (I still have a Missal from those days that grandma gave us kids as a Christmas gift). I love that i can take in every word of the gospel and readings. I have nothing against the TLM for those that might say the same re the TLM. If someone wishes to attend a TLM I am not going to do battle with them about which one is better,more reverent or respectful.As long as there are no abuses i do not see why the Mass is any less reverent or respectful now than it was pre 1960's. If the priest is orthodox & the liturgy does not include abuses it can be reverent. The TLM could be murdered by someone who does not know the rubrics or Latin very well. My point is that i honestly don't wish to do battle. For me there is no split. We pray the same creeds. We're not TLM Catholics or NO Catholics. I don't want to see people dancing up the aisles or listen to unorthodox sermons.I definitely do not want to hear guitars and drums at Mass-this is not a rock concert for entertainment.Jesus is present.We genuflect because He is King. Furthermore,i don't want to do battle over something we don't need to battle over especially with a huge war waging around us outside.I suspect there are people who would love to see a great divide and they're not going to give it up. I run into people who identify themselves as Trads.Annoying. Could we please just identify ourselves as Catholics and if the NO bothers you that much and you cannot attend a TLM there are beautiful liturgies in the Eastern Church. Two thoughts to conclude with; I would really like to see the abuses cleaned up. Where you you have clerics taking liberties (it was NEVER intended)with the Mass they also take liberties with the teachings. It goes hand in hand. Do i want to return to the TLM? No.If the groups known as Trads want to attend a TLM ..sure. Is Latin a beautiful language to listen to? Yes. There is nothing like a choir singing Gregorian chant.There is nothing like Franz Schubert's Ave Maria,Panis Angelicus or the Pater Noster. Could the Church do better with music? DEFINITELY. Even if means putting together a choir because the congregants are reluctant to sing. (Some hymns are just too difficult for the average church crooner.Seriously. There have been some i just can't follow). Vatican II has gotten the rap for all the problems in the Church,especially dissidents. I blame the 60's and the radical upheaval in our culture. They used Vatican II for an excuse. The media ran with their take on Vatican II and some people bought it. Don't get anything from the media-go to Church DOCUMENTS. IMHO had Vatican II never been held you would still have the crazies blossoming in the Church.We should have seen that coming. I wish we'd have had the Catechism of the Catholic Church back then. (Better late than never).I also wish we would use the prayer to St Michael after the Mass. We could certainly use that tradition (small t)again. Father Z has it right. Say the Black,Do the Red. Be sure to check out his blog(LINK IS IN THE FOOTER) and his TOTALLY CATHOLIC SWAG STORE(not what he calls it ..that's what i call it. don't blame the padre)

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