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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ages ago i gave up google as a search engine.For one they supported Obama and for another the search results were just not that great. I became a "binger". Much better search engine and the home page is awesome.It blows google out of the water. Then they put up the image of the gay celebration day. NO matter how good a search engine is i am not going to use anything that promotes such an agenda. What did that leave me with? Yahoo. There isn't a day that goes by where Yahoo doesn't have a headline story about some actress outdoing the next actress exposing herself in some skimpy outfit. Yahoo is the celebrity gossip page.Forget getting any real news. The page itself is overkill.I wish there were a search engine with the simplicity of a bing (it does a nice job of tracking history too)without being agenda driven. Yahoo got me wondering though. Is this what the general public is interested in? If that's the case it's no wonder Obama won the election and we have uninformed voters. It doesn't answer my one question though. How did CATHOLICS justify their vote for Obama? I also wondered why evangelicals refused to vote because Romney was a Mormon.Puzzled. Is Obama a Christian? Is he not trampling on freedom of conscience and religion? Were these ppl not concerned bout that? When did he become pro life,pro marriage and pro Constitution? Anyway,if anyone knows of a good search engine they would recommend and that fits the bill PLS let me know. It's a shame about bing but i can't go back.

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