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Monday, June 24, 2013

Is We Bizzy?

This week has been a week of phone calls. Various doctors,insurance companies,checking appointments etc. You know the routine. Press 1,2,3 and hope you get a LIVE person who is the dept that will help you. Automated.Supposedly the innovation that was supposed to make it sooo much easier. I was also into a (futile)battle w/ a militant anti Christian. What is it these days? They're looking to create a godless society. They better thank God this will probably never happen. I think we better get out in the trenches a little bit.These people are tenacious. The debate ended,finally,because i decided there wasn't any sense in responding to his bait anymore His last comment was too silly to even bother with.Up to that point he'd actually been keeping it somewhat civil. Meantime folks now have a little health issue myself so i thought it would be a good time to do some reading on how to write a blog. I know-how smart it was of me to start a blog and then look up the how to's after the fact. My husband and i seem to have reached a new frontier in our relationship.We've realized how important we are to each other. When you're not well you can truly appreciate the others company. You're not "doing things". You're just there for each other. Maybe we're ill but i can honestly say it's been good for our relationship.Not so good for how we feel. Like to wrap this up with another thought about forgiveness.
Tomorrow will write a short post so i can get busy with the reading and maybe get some good blogging advice.Also,wrap up the phone calls for this week. Will be keeping the posts short for awhile.

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