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Thursday, May 2, 2013

haven't decided for 2016

The blog was first put up to support Gov Mike Huckabee..then it changed to Catholics for Cain(Herman Cain). i got on board for Newt after that one and finally 100% totally behind Mitt Romney(whom i still think highly of btw.) I know Cain will not run in 2016. Got over that idea(no choice). It would be awesome if Romney would run again(but i don't hold out much hope for that either). So i have simply not really gotten 100% behind anyone in particular. I have some faves:
Allen West- Gov Mike Huckabee(again)- Dr Ben Carson
I also like Sarah Palin but i don't think she could win. Sorry folks. Yes,she'd be great but she can't win and not because she's a woman. Too many factors that would knock her flat out right from the start. Of course,you never know. A lot can happen between now and 2016 and she could surprise me. Anyway,the 3 first mentioned are top notch. Even a Nominee and running mate with the the others on list would be terrific. I'm not sure about a Rubio or Bush and i have huge doubts about Rand Paul. West,Huck and Dr Ben Carson are very strong conservatives and not much baggage. Personally,we'd be further ahead to look to 2014 and get some good ppl up there to oppose Obama. That should be THE goal and 2016 can wait. By then i'll have a clearer idea and not be jumping around. Appear a tad fickle. Not really.Just undecided. They're all too good. I just HOPE we don't have a huge field like the last time. It was detrimental. Too many battle wounds for anyone to get a good lead and some of the candidates were not that strong to begin with.They did have corrupt obama to deal with though and NOBODY could beat him. Catholics(duh)voted for him. Hispanics.Blacks. Plus low information voters. It stunk on ice. Enough said. There's time to sort through it all. For now,i am very excited about one election and haven't mentioned it yet.
Better than any presidential election :)

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