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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The WH Dinner

The news media attended the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Obama joked about being a Muslim(he's not-he attended Wright's church in Chicago). I pegged Obama to be a secular humanist. He believes the state will solve people's problems. He thinks it takes a program to fix all that is wrong. He believes appeasement brings peace. He cares more about standing up for Planned Parenthood than standing up for the American ppl. He thinks same sex marriage is a right.He wasn't honest about this when he was running. We need strong marriages for our country to survive-the fight for same sex marriage is not really about marriage. It's about getting ppl to accept same sex relations.While Romney based his campaign on the economy,Obama ran on a so called war on women. Romney avoided the hot button issues as much as possible.Obama took them on because he dared to. He slipped it in right under Romney's nose and the American woman believed Romney was waging a war on women. Obama got the woman's vote.Obama also convinced ppl Romney was waging a war on minorities,blacks,hispanics and the poor. They (obama and the media)demonized a decent man. This is how they win elections. Ask Allen West. He went through it in Florida. Unfortunately the press is in his corner. They are not the watchdog of the government anymore. They went to the correspondents dinner as fans. They rubbed elbows with the rich and famous. How can they be trusted to report the truth when they support the President no matter what he does or doesn't do? They swept Benghazi under the rug for him. They will sweep the Gosnell trial under the rug for him because they all support Planned Parenthood. They will sweep the Boston Bombings under the rug,just like Benghazi,just like Fort Hood and just like Fast and Furious. How can the American ppl trust the media anymore? This means WE have to be watchdogs. We have to watch the government and the press both. I'm not a birther. I can't put the time and energy into proving Obama is not a citizen when we need to put our efforts into defeating his policies. Nor do i think it does any good to accuse Obama of being a Muslim.He is sympathetic to Muslim countries though-we can go that far. He has no time for the Constitution because it's based on religious principles. I doubt he has the time of day for ANY religion. He really believes he has the answers for everything if only ppl would agree with him. He accuses the Republicans of not reaching out when he attacks them on a regular basis.I personally don't think he has the time of day for the American ppl no matter how good an act he puts on. Is it fair of me not to find anything good to say about Obama? Can i not find even one good quality? Sorry-i can't. I wanted to be fair and had high hopes when he took office. I was hoping he was nothing like i thought he was. He is exactly how i thought he would be.If i'm right about Obama then it's fair to assess him as not having any redeeming qualities. Afte rall he was elected to a position of a very high office and we have the right to expect more. Does it mean we can't expect our Presidents not to make mistakes? Of course not. So far his mistakes have been all Bush's fault or the Repbulican's fault-and the media covers up any mistakes he makes. I believe we have the right to expect our media to do better. I didn't think our country was like Venezuela and our media to be like the Chavez supporters especially when they do so WILLINGLY here. Obama doesn't need to be a dictator. He's got a lot of ppl fooled. Did he not shove through Obamacare even when the majority of ppl opposed it? Did he not support failing companies and give them bail outs without having to answer for it? Did he not let guns be shipped to drug cartels that resulted in the death of Brian Terry and there hasn't been a peep? Does he not get involved in local issues and have some comment to make EXCEPT when Plan Parenthood is involved? Instead he runs off to address them and assures them that they are not going anywhere. What has he actually said about jobs so far? Anything? Four years in office and not one word. if the media spent half as much time talking about his policies as they did about attacking the people who attack him they'd be ok. I HOPE in 2014 we send Obama and the media a message. I look around and see the signs of a country headed in the wrong direction. We are becoming a 3rd world country right before our eyes.We're horribly divided. You have the media and some of the folks supporting Obama no matter what. You have the other half (they call us bitter because Romney lost;it has nothing to do with Romney's loss. I could care less at this point)that know very well what is really going on and we're gasping for air. The one thing we have left is to vote conservative and get the Obama drones out of office. Maybe THEN someone will get the message. I just wish the people who support obama would actually own up to what's going on. They can't see past their celebrity POTUS. The White House dinner was nothing more than the elites of the media,Hollywood and the 1% patting their guy on the back. It was a big deal only to them. What did it mean to the American ppl? The good news out of all this is that there are more of us than them.I hope we wake up to the fact and realize we are not powerless. Pls if you're a birther or believe Obama is a Muslim can we give it up for now? I respect your opinion.You're entitled to it.i won't argue against an opinion you're entitled to. It's not very productive though. Believe me,Obama has done enough damage that we can hold him accountable for things ALL of us can agree he is doing. Can we join forces on that front? We can't afford not to.

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