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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have to apologize to anyone(emphasis on the one)who has been following this blog. I have been a slacker. Here's the way it went in 2012. I supported Herman Cain for Potus. In 2005 it was Gov Huckabee. This must be the kiss of death. As we know Cain was doing well and COULD have won but he got taken out early on. Heartbreaking. Then i went with Gingrich and finally 100% behind Romney. ( i voted Cain in our primary just as i had voted for Gov Huckabee in 2005). However,i really got behind Romney when it was all said and done. He's a good man. He was destroyed. I was SURE Catholics would vote for Romney. I thought we knew our faith and what Holy Mother,Church teaches. We have far too many dissidents or ppl who don't know the faith. It's a shame. There really is no excuse either. Anyway,i went down the political road because it was so important to defeat Obama. Now i have been involved in trying to get our Catholic social networking site off the ground. It is up to speed. Now we just need members. So far we have 3. Me,my dear friend Portia and husband. That's it. Hope we get some members soon!! Meanwhile have been looking at some possible candidates for 2016(politics is not the answer but we have a civic duty to vote and vote with a clear conscience). The possibles i've seen so far look very promising. Good ppl. I have to get behind one of these but it's a tough choice. They are all terrific. Good thing there is some time to decide. They are:
Allen West, Dr Ben Carson Gov Huckabee(mentioned a possible run again), I know Herman Cain is not going to run again(disappointment but we have to move on), I would even like to see Gov Romney run again but i don't know where that stands
Since the last time i was here husband had major surgery and his son came up to visit. Husband also had leg surgery. It's been a tough year but we get along. Our country is on the brink of disaster. Our President is a liar. We have a new Pope. We have to march on with the new evangelization and answer the call. It began with Blessed John Paul II. We must take this seriously.I think the focus on my blog in the near future will be re the new evangelization. In order to have Catholics vote with an informed conscience we have to have Catholics who KNOW their faith. It matters.I intend to get back here a lot more often. :)No more slacking.

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