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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gastric Sleeve

I normally don't discuss private matters on a public blog but thought this matter was worth bringing to people's attention. My husband has had some serious health issues for years. He attended classes for bariatric surgery and was planning to have the gastric banding. The last month of the classes and testing they-being husband and surgeon-decided to do the 'new' gastric sleeve instead. To this day husband believes it's going to be worth it in the long run. He went in for the surgery and barely came out of the anesthetic. He almost ended up in ICU because of it but he did improve and they put him in an intermediary room with some treatment. He survived all that but ended up staying past the 3 usual days. This was the least of the problems. Try low glucose readings and having all low sugar/carb drinks. Of course we had to go with the sugar drinks eventually just to keep up his glucose(sugar). This passed, thank God, but that was a piece of cake compared to the next few weeks. passed finally. Next he could barely take his pills but the worst was yet to come. LOW blood pressure and a trip to the ER at least once a week for an IV. Then blood pressure through the roof. I would say he's been a hair away from a heart attack or stroke. This is when he's not falling out from low blood pressure. We're into the next phase. He can't eat or drink period. The one thing that went well was the incisions healed up nicely without any infection. I was surprised. How he's doing internally? Have no idea. He hasn't had any fever that we know of so MAYBE that's healing as well. However,he's dehydrating and has dehydrated several times. Word: if you're morbidly obese and the doctor and you are certain that you may only have x amount of time to live i would say it might be worth the risk. If not, PLS diet and exercise no matter how hard you think that might be. IMHO they're rounding ppl up for these surgeries like cattle. It's a cash cow. Consider the risks and how urgent the need is for these surgeries. Trust me,diet and exercise would be far easier than what you will go through with the surgery. Everyone thinks it's the easy way out. The pain alone after this surgery will put that to rest. My warning: do not do this unless you absolutely have to. My husband had second thoughts after he came out and went into recovery but it was already too late. BTW. Other ppl have had different kinds of problems from being anemic to borderline hypoglycemia (among others). My husband is borderline hypotension but i don't think it's going to be borderline for long. We are now hoping there aren't any complications and praying he doesn't have to be admitted for further surgery or exploration. I don't know that he'd come out the next time. NIGHTMARE. Again,only have any one of these DRASTIC surgeries if you must. Yes,they are getting safer but know there can be problems.Don't think for a minute everyone else but you. My husband had that attitude.

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