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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Voted Today.Am Thrilled!

My husband and i received our absentee ballots yesterday.We filled them out and they are now in our mail box ready to head to the elections board.
We voted straight Republican and like the choices we had.
Our goal is to stop Obama. We also had a good group of people to choose from.That makes it easy.I am thrilled.I just hope everyone votes and they send Washington a very clear message.I have never been so thrilled to vote as i was this time.
While the government has been forcing us to accept policies we don't want it is our turn to tell them our will.
PLS people.Use the power of the ballot box and change the direction this country is taking.Make sure your friends,family and neighbors are voting.Don't assume anything is a slam dunk or the next guy/gal is going to make the difference.It has to be ALL of us!
I know that sometimes people can feel their vote doesn't count and they sit it out.
It's when you don't vote that you don't have your say. It does count and it makes all the difference in the world to the elections.
We have to vote this election or wake up in Jan and find ourselves one step closer to a socialist country. If you think things are a nightmare now and these same people get elected you haven't seen anything yet. One party rules is not good for the country. They will do anything they want.Let's take a few minute to vote and get our country back on the right track.I think we'll get good ppl this time who know it matters too.If we don't vote we'll get even more corruption then ask ourselves why?
PLS PLS vote Nov 2nd.If you can't get there getting an absentee ballot is simple and only takes 1 stamp to mail.Forty some cents and 5 min of time.Vote in honor of that one soldier who died in battle so you COULD vote!

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