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Friday, October 22, 2010

Gov Pete Dupot Endorses Christine O Donnel In Delaware!

Delaware GOP Legend officially endorses Christine O'Donnell
by Stephen Maloney

As someone who's worked every day on Christine's campaign since March 4, I have a deep personal and political interest in Ms. O'Donnell's winning on Nov. 2.

Given that Gov. Pete DuPont endorsed Mike Castle at the GOP State Convention -- my young friends Diane Hernandez and Jason C. O'Neill nominated Christine -- the following piece is absolutely remarkable. It will not earn Gov. DuPont any friends among his neighbors in the mansions of lush, upscale Greenville, north of Wilmington. But the WSJ piece is a definite exercise in courage. It's also a game-changer for a campaign, my friend Christine's, that needed a game-changer.

Here's an excerpt below:
"On Election Day the question is: Who will help correct the negative policies that have hurt our nation over the past few years? One of the candidates [Democrat Chris Coons] supports almost all of them; the other [Christine O'Donnell] favors policies that would make us more successful in the future. Two weeks from now we have avery important election in America's First State that could change the direction of our country."
This endorsement piece by former Gov. Pete DuPont's needs to get in the hands of as many Delawareans (and as many Americans) as possible. Thanks for your help, and God bless you

Editor's Note - There's some history here that some Newbies to the libertarian movement may be unaware of. Long before there was a Republican Liberty Caucus, back in 1987, there was a small movement of "Libertarians for Pete DuPont." DuPont was running for President. I was part of this effort, if not it's most active driving force.

DuPont put out very libertarian papers on privatization of Social Security and other governmental services. He even had Cato Institute associates working as policy analysists on his campaign. The term "libertarian" was used on occasion in the national media to describe his views way back in 1987. It follows that he would now endorse libertarian/conservative Christine O'Donnell.

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