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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tribute To Mom

I really missed mom today. She wasn't perfect but she truly had many good qualities.
I was horribly ungrateful for all the wonderful things this woman did.All the dreams she might have had that were not fulfilled-and the many that were.
I did not appreciate enough what she did and for all that she suffered.
I do wish i could go back to that one Monday night before she passed on Tues morning.
I would stop in to see her that night. What a fool i was then.
What could i do for mom now that would make her the happiest if she were still here?

As a mom she would want us to have a decent home and live within our budget too.That was mom.Live within your means.
Next she would want me to make good use of all the skills and talents God gave me few as they are. That was definitely mom. Whatever God gave you make use of it.
She would definitely want me to remain a devout Catholic and i know above all else she wants me to get to heaven.
The decent place she would hope for us is slipping through our fingers.She would like the home we are renting but it's not really within our budget. Buying a home here is less than renting a home here.
We are looking at real estate in our town and have some up for consideration but at this point i don't think we are going to get the financing we need. I've already been turned down at ing direct.
I don't see much hope.i am going to try some other lending companies but if the next one also turns us down or maybe the next 2 then i will have to give it up.
We will stay here till next summer and then HOPE we can find a first floor apartment that is comparable but cheaper.
i don't see that happening either.We have a few landlords in our town and they own nearly all that is rented out among them.They are generally dumps and they are generally priced higher than they are worth.
We have no interest in going back to one of these landlords but their probably isn't any choice.i think mom would be very disappointed by this situation.There is a lot of real estate up for sale here but who's going to lend to people?
I know mom-she would be so supportive. i don't know that mom would approve of the budget we have at this point but if the folks were still alive we wouldn't be here anyway.We would still be living right across the street from them.
Miss my folks...i wish i could write a better tribute to them.
Will try again another night.Am tired.Have a miserable head cold too.Onto the 2 best subjects in the world tomorrow,politics and religion.
Hang in mom and dad.The better tribute will be forthcoming.

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