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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think Sarah Palin is going to run in 2012

I would be as willing to support her as Gov Huckabee.They're both good people.
However,for now we need to focus on the 2010 elections.We MUST put the brakes on Obama. We cannot afford to have this man take any more power than he already has.
We must not let him take the country down the road of ruin it's on.The OOP would be far better than having him have his way for another 3 yrs.

He's lied. He's corrupt.The DOJ has become corrupted by him. He actually needs impeached.
He's not above the law.
Regardless,we have to fight to make sure the Dems don't keep control of Congress.
I have nothing against Democrats...i do have plenty against Obama and plenty against progressive(Socialists).The Dem party has been co-opted by these people. They have ruined the party and it's going to take a big shake up to get the Dem party back.There was a time when it was the party of the working class.Now we need both parties to support the people they are supposed to represent.Regardless of party.
In the battlefield of ideas the Progressives are just bankrupt of rational thinking.

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Bull Slam said...

Agreed that Obama is corrupt insofar as he prevented George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from being jailed for War Crimes and for Crimes Against Humanity. Both men are despicable liars and criminals who did a great deal of damage to this country. The CIA men who orchestrated and carried out the torture in Gitmo and Abu Grahib, were also protected from prosecution by Obama. They, too, were patently guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Please do remember that the International Court in The Hague ruled that claiming that you were merely doing as you were commanded is not a defense. Obama has neglected his sworn duty by claiming that he wants to "move forward." on these issues. As a result we no longer have a country of laws. Or, rather, we have a country where laws only apply to certain people. Mostly, the poor who fill the jails; but the rich can do whatever they please! Lies, murder, thievery and nobody says a word. Certainly not the Corporate media. For dereliction of his sworn duty to prosecute these criminals, I say Obama deserves to be thrown to the dogs.

But why do you like Sarah Palin? She is so obviously a truly stupid woman. A bimbo, really. Whenever she does show up on Fox, she is totally unable to keep up. Bill O'Reilley let her have it: Off camera he told her to shape up, and that she was simply an embarrassment to have on his show. Same with Sean Hannity. She embarrassed herself--- Just as she did with Katie Couric. Why do you like truly incompetent people so much? Palin, like Bush, would totally destroy what little is left of this country after 30 years of Republican rule ever since Reagan proclaimed he was for small government and then increased the national debt by 300%. And all the Republicans have done same ever since. Clinton at least had the good grace to balance the federal books and even left a surplus. Which Bush then squandered on the illegal wars against non-existent terrorists.

At least Obama has tried very hard to provide Health Care for the poorest among us. And he has instigated some very profound legislation to harness the out of control banksters who completely destroyed the American economy. And who have stolen billions in taxpayer money and then refused to do their part in lending to small business or to help out the millions of homeowners who were duped into mortgages which the banksters knew they could not pay. Thus we have the foreclosure game here in America. Shameful! Absolutely shameful!

Oh, BTW, I was raised Catholic, but I was able to free myself from the bondage of authoritarianism. My brother is a Jesuit, my Great Aunt was the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

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