Cum Petro et Sub Petro

With Peter & Under Peter

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I just haven't been here.Mom passed away last year after a short illness and a long battle with cancer. I was devastated and it's only through faith that i get by each day.It has become so difficult. This is life. It is painful and the best i can do is offer it up.Even that is not easy.
I've also been to Gretawire putting my .02 worth in about the HC Bill and Obama.
As well as our Catholic forum and a few Social Networks.Some i just started. Our forum also has a website now.
I'm considering taking down the pro life blog;i generally put pro life blogs here anyway.
Monday will be the 5th year of John Paul II's death. EWTN is going to have a memorial Mass from the Vatican at noon.I will definitely watch this as we hope that Karol Wotyla will soon be a canonized saint of the Church. You can read a prayer of John Paul from my website:

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