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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pelosi spoke today

how do you lie and smile at the same time?
How long does this have to go on? I talk to Obama supporters.What is the matter with these people?

No matter what he does(or doesn't do)they support him. The economy would collapse and they'd still think he's their messiah.
Of course they can always blame Bush but they will be blaming Bush 4 yrs from now.

How can people fall for this?
This is why we started Taking America Back.We've been called racist among other things for standing up. We had to have a place to go where we could work together out without intrusion from these people.
Pelosi and Reid have to go. I hope the NJ and Va elections go well,anyone but the old same as usual gets elected and Obama gets a message.Loses some support. We have to get back to a balance in power.It was better with Clinton and the Rep in Congress than this crap.

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cura te ipsum said...

The problem is that the left is powered by ideologies and platitudes, and from what I've seen, seem to get pretty emotional about it. Since many true liberals don't tend to be religious, some have suggested that they fill a void of God in their life with political celebrities such as Obama and programs like welfare in place of charity. When their political agendas become their "religion" there is very little that will change their mind. If Obama fails them, they'll just move on to the next "Hope and Change" figure.

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