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Friday, January 23, 2009

What IS the Obama problem?

He may be a likeable person-imagine he is.He might have the best intentions-he probably does. Obama's problem is that he has no core principles.
In the depths of his character,even if he has the best intentions,he does not stand firm on a set of beliefs.
Don't think so?
He's trying to appease the left wing of the Democratic party and is throwing bones to them;closing Gitmo,halting the military tribunals etc.

Now to the conservatives who know that most of this is just not possible-he's playing to that.
To others he appears to be a centrist.He wants to listen to all sides and that is part of his problem.
While Bush was very unpopular and the polls didn't look so hot-he KNEW what he stood for and made decisions.The WH press conference today had a lot of ambiguous responses. You see,he must remain ambiguous. If he makes a decision one way or the other he risks alienating a group.

That's not the least of it either.He appointed a lobbyist. He said there would be no lobbyists-there was an excuse for that one.He picked Timothy Geithner for Tres Sec and the man didn't pay his taxes-a waiver for that also.
Therein lies the problem.No core values.

Except one. To promote abortion. I hate to be cynical but that is the main reason he was supported and people threw tons of cash his way.
Abortion.They didn't care if he was ready for the office.They didn't care about his core values-being pro abortion requires a lack of anyway.
They just wanted someone to advance THAT cause and on that count he is absolutely certain of himself.

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