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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Should NOT be confirmed!

Here's who we must oppose and then we line up the ppl who count in the opposition to them;
Obama's mistake is all the czars.They will be a lot of infighting and lack of ability to make important decisions.That's HIS problem.
Our issue is that one of them is a member of a SOCIALIST organization.If we can't keep her out we can certainly make it difficult for her.
The other's are appointments and have to go through Confirmation hearings.Here we have power.
The ones we oppose are:
Treasury secretary designee Timothy Geithner did not pay his taxes.
No business being confirmed.He should step aside;but i doubt he will.

Eric Holder was deeply involved in the Rich pardon. He has no business being confimed as Atty General.

Leon Panetta named C.I.A. director and this is a very very poor choice.He has no experience and this is just not the time for someone with no experience at all being confirmed for this postition.Wrong guy totally.

These 3 absolutely should not be confirmed.


Victorian Lady said...

Thank you for saying these things. I believe the same things and thank you for explaining why they should not be confirmed. Stay Strong and Pray for our Nation!

totustuus said...

are you a sodaheader? noticed you have a sodahead poll on your blog.
Also you do know you can change the size of the poll to fit on the page?
(am a sodaheader too).

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